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Sponsor an orphan

For only $50/month you can sponsor an orphan. Your donation will cover the basic of the child such as food, school fees, healthcare, and clothes. Help this very noble cause by donating to this program.


You want to make real changes in the world, Foundation 221 is your platform. 

You can be the agent of change in people’s lives in many ways. You can hold fundraisers, collect diapers, toys or formulas for orphans. Click the link to join our team and make a difference.

Sponsor a family

Foundation 221 gives you the opportunity to sponsor a family of 4 to 7 people in Senegal, West Africa. For $150/month you can help a family secure what they need for a month in terms of food, housing, etc.

Water program

In the rural areas of Senegal, people walk miles to have access to water which is not clean for most of the time. Donate to the well or water fountains program to help dig modern wells in Senegal.

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